Survive the apocalypse with this Fallout 3 rifle

This Fallout 3 replica AER9 Laser Rifle may just be a wood-based fake, but when the nuclear bombs destroy most life on Earth and everyone is either a skin-flapping mutant or bloodthirsty pirate raider, it’ll get you the cash/women/water you desire. Just make sure nobody every expects you to actually fire the thing, you gotta bluff if you want to survive.

This is your rifle, this is your gun. It's both for pleasure, and for fun!

You can check out how Harrison Krix made it on his blog, which also shows his recreation of the BioShock needle, and an amazing recreation of the Portal Gun, both pictured below.

This, your little sister in a torn-up Orphan Annie costume, some pale makeup, and you're good to go!
We've made a note here: huge success!