rAge 2009 build-up: Day 3

Day 3 is still going strong (and likely will continue doing so well into the night), and already there’s been a huge amount of work done since yesterday. Each stand is starting to take shape, and the layout has really become apparent. The LAN area continues to blaze ahead, with all of the hardware now running their various installations and testing procedures, and the remainder of the cables and extensions are in place. The CV crew actually seemed to be the most relaxed group there, so they’re clearly doing something right 😉

Everything else looks like its coming together nicely, and we’re happily on track for this massive event. During the show, we’ll be providing updates multiple times per day on the Website. If you’re unlucky enough to be missing out on the show this year, or won’t be attending for any other reason, NAG Online is going to be the site to visit to get the inside scoop of what’s been going on each day.

We’ll return tomorrow for a final update on the build-up. Until then, enjoy the pics!