New PSPgo owners can get Gran Turismo for free

To celebrate and promote the launch of their new PSPgo, it seems that Sony is giving new PSPgo owners a chance to grab a copy of the PSP version of Gran Turismo for free. It sounds like a simple enough process. The instructions for it are as follows:

1) Buy a PSPgo
2) Sign in to the PlayStation Network with your PSPgo between October 1st and October 10th
3) Download your free GT PSP theme
4) Once you’ve got the theme, check your e-mail for a redeemable code
5) Enter the code into your PSN account
6) Download the game and enjoy

This sounds like a pretty reasonable offer for new PSPgo owners – but that does mean that you’ll have to be quick. Of course, it’s only a good offer for those in SA with internet access since the PSPgo relies solely on online distribution.

The PSP Gran Turismo looks pretty damn amazing.
The PSP Gran Turismo looks pretty damn amazing.
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