rAge 2009 build-up: Day 4

It’s the night before rAge, and all was quiet. Or rather, all was madness, chaos and flat panic. It’s almost unbelievable how far things have come since Monday; most of the stands are complete, and now it’s just a matter of putting in all the bits and pieces. Retails store clerks sit on the floor, surrounded by boxes of stock longing for a place on the shelves, teams from Sony, Microsoft and Megarom are preparing the hands-on goodies that you’ll be able to play, and the VC team is looking as calm as always.

This year’s rAge really is set to be the best yet, and even though I’ve had the privilege to be behind the scenes, I’m still incredibly excited to see it finally come together tomorrow. The doors open at 10:00AM tomorrow. Tickets are R50 a person or R80 for a weekend pass (for tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday). Remember, we’ll be keeping you updated daily with what’s happening and what you’re missing out on if you won’ t be attending all weekend, so be sure to check in during the weekend for an inside scoop on this incredible event. Otherwise, we’ll see you there!