As a reader of NAG, you’ll know that rAge is SA’s biggest and best fair of all things gaming. If not, please say hi to the other Martians from us Earthlings.Line

Running from Friday til Sunday evening, the main floor is open til 18h00, but the LAN madness doesn’t stop to even sleep. Add in the largest number of exhibitors and the most LAN junkies (over 2000) ever at the event, and the ensuing result is nothing short of gaming nirvana.

The weekend holds a vast number of attractions – game launches, competitions, hardware and software workshops, local dev, an anime cinema, tournaments, llama shaving, the works! NAG has a badass gaming rig worth R70 000 up for grabs, and this monster is on display behind the requsite safety glass.

For those of you sadly unable to attend this year, we’ll be updating throughout the expo’s duration. Nothing like being here, but at least you’ll know what you’re missing out on.

OverviewDoors opened at 10h00 this morning, but some brave souls had been waiting since 06h00 – a morning sacrificed for the sake of being amongst the first to enter the Coca Cola Dome. The size of entry line is a testament to gamer pervasiveness in our fine country, and even the most jaded person would have been heartened by the turnout.

Once inside, a veritable playground of gaming goodness awaits. Every facet of the industry is represented – PC, Xbox, PS3, Wii, CCGs, Anime, etc. No matter which of these appeals to you, there is something for you at the expo in an array of different sizes and flavoursLAN

Forthcoming games on show include Assassin’s Creed 2, Borderlands, the latest Forza, Halo ODST, DJ Hero and the highly anticipated Brutal Legend, all of which are hands-on giving you a tantalising taste of what to expect when they are released. This morning saw the well-attended official release of Fifa 10 which looks to be the best in the series yet.

Nag standOn the hardware side, Sony’s sexy new PS3 Slim has a lot of floor space to itself. – having sold over a million units in the month or so since its release overseas, local interest has been high. The ATi 5870 has also just arrived, and two of them in Crossfire created a significant pool of bystander drool. The great guys from MSI gave a lecture on their latest hardware, offering 1-second overclocking and simple yet powerful system contol.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates as events unfold over the weekend. Tomorrow we’ll chat to come local and international developers, check out some LAN action, give some hands-on impressions and more. We’ll have cover of everything you can shake a joystick at – don’t touch that dial!

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