Day 2 of Rage 2009 is well under way – and the place is packed! Gamers from all walks of life rub shoulders amid an atmosphere of excitement and the unique smell of freshly-baked electronics

The local aspect of the Dreamhack Quake 3 tournament kicked off on the game stage this morning, with 64 players competing for a coveted position at the finals in Sweden. Dreamhack is the world’s biggest gaming event which also boasts the planet’s largest LAN. We’ll keep you posted on rankings and results once the early stages are complete. Two players from MSI’s international Fnatic team were also on hand to show off their skills. Pierre (France) and Sebastain (Sweden) gave us a demonstration of what 18 years of combined Quake 3 experience look like – needless to say, their prowess is humbling!

Brent George, a developer from Ubisoft Montreal, spent some time demonstrating the new Avatar game based on James Cameron’s movie of the same name. It still has some time to release (Dec 2009), but looks great for dev code. Players will take the role of either a human soldier or one of the native warriors. As a human, you are an invader on the Avatar’s planet, and everything from plants to wildlife to enemy combatants is trying to wipe you out. The game style is primarily ranged combat, with several different vehicles to pilot as you battle your way through lush jungles. Playing as a member of the Avatar race is more melee focused, and instead of vehicles you get to ride giant beasts of war. An added bonus is that the planet’s wildlife will aid raid rather than hinder you. Fortunately, the storyline runs parallel to that of the movie, so you won’t be rehashing the same scenes ad nauseam.

We spent some time talking to the guys from Legion Ink, a brand new site dedicated to local artists with a specific focus on the comic book community. It was created by South African artists who have had international success in a difficult industry, and the site will allow others to benefit from their experience and knowledge. The forum is a great place for inkers, pencillers, writers, or pretty much anyone with a related interest to get together. Check it out at

The NAG stand now boasts a colossal 103″ screen with playable Batman Arkham Asylum. The thing is huge! Licking the whole thing would no doubt create severe friction burns to one’s tongue, but would be worth the effort. This gets our vote for most desirable item at the show.

Plenty of prizes have been won including t-shirts, Sapphire graphics cards, power supplies and goodie bags. There were also a ton of giveaways from manga/anime shop Kult Fusion, who also also sponsored this year’s cosplay competition. Turnout was great, and featured some excellent costumes. Check out the gallery post later today for pictures.

That’s it for now, check back later for more!

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