Day 2 of rAge has drawn to a close, with thousands of people having experienced the expo’s busiest day.

The wonderful guys from Game.Dev held a talk where a full array of local developers spoke about their projects. There was a lot of wisdom to be found as they talked about the pleasure and pain of creating your own game. The lessons learned, fun had, potential stumbling blocks, skills needed and a ton of other useful advice were all covered. But the most obvious fact in evidence was that it is phenomenally rewarding. Game development is also really accessible – you don’t need to be a coding god to make a good product. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it can be – so visit the site, have a look around, chat with the community, and start playing with the dev tools that are easily available there.

Dave from 2K Games in the UK was on hand to show a large crowd through a demo level of Borderlands. This game has generated a lot of interest, and with good reason. It is a futuristic RPG / FPS set on a distant barren planet which has descended to lawlessness where banditry is rife. There is a strong central story but like any good RPG there are plenty of side quests to undertake. Game levels are generated procedurally, so while the quests are the same no 2 players will have the same experience. While things take place in a dark and gritty setting, there is a huge amount of quirky tongue-in-cheek humour throughout and the title just oozes character. A special mention goes to the items in the game – much of the enjoyment comes from collecting ever-more-powerful items and exploiting the human desire to collect as much Awesome Stuff as possible. Take into account that there are something like 16 million weapon possibilities, and you’ll constantly be salivating for the next big item drop. Co-op play is a primary focus, with up to 4 people playing online or on a local network. The art style is polished and unique, presenting a clean and detailed cel-shaded world created using the Unreal engine.

Magic: The Gathering was represented today by the pre-release tournament for the new Zendikar expansion which features plenty of great new cards. As is becoming common with Wizards of the Coast, some of these are very powerful indeed making a lot of older cards obsolete. Tomorrow will see casual play take place, so if you’re a fan come through and check it out.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow we’ll have a whole lot of hands-on impressions for you, the results of the Quake 3 tournament, and plenty more.

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