Weekend Distraction™

What do you want a Weekend Distraction™ for anyway? You were at rAge 2009 the whole weekend! You don’t get more distracted than that! Oh, you didn’t go? Why not? Don’t you like us? Oh, you’re seeing someone else, aren’t you. That’s okay, we understand. Oh, you have a photo of him? Sure, we’d love to see!


Oh. Well. That’s… wow. Okay. You left us for that? You know what, perhaps it’s good that we see other people for a while. Y’know, scope out the action, see what else is swimming in the ocean. Sure. Um, here are some YouTube videos that might interest you, while we’re running in the opposite direction…


Skateboards (sorry, “freeboards”) plus Tetris (with one cross-shaped block that shouldn’t be there) equals some rather radical (see what I did there?) night-time action. Click the image above to see the magic.


Remember the sound floppy/stiffy drives used to make when accessing data from the disk? By the way, it’s “disk” when talking about magnetic data storage, and “disc” when talking about optical, like CDs. The more you know! Well, this guy took those drives that spun the disks and made them play Mario music. Why would he do that? Well, since everyone else is so busy curing cancer and helping men keep erections, that doesn’t leave a lot for the rest of us to contribute to society with, does it?