It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything along these lines, some fool committing some kind of atrocity and blaming it on a videogame. Scandalous stories like these were rampant during the ‘90s when videogames were just starting to push the envelope as far as violence goes. And while this story isn’t quite as shocking as a pair of schoolboys taking shotguns to their classmates in an alleged “Doom” re-enactment, it’s still pretty bizarre.

A man in the Netherlands, identified only as Jan H, infiltrated the Sophia Hospital and made his way to the basement where he proceeded to shut off the power, causing a forty five minute blackout and no small amount of panic, especially in the intensive care ward. Luckily nobody suffered any serious medical implications from it. In court, Jan H claimed that, at the time, he was in a bizarre mental state and believed that he was playing Silent Hill. He also claims that he believed that shutting off the power would enable him to solve a puzzle and acquire a toothbrush which he needed for some nefarious purpose. Funnily enough, he was declared innocent because of this claim.

Honestly, to make a mistake like that, I think Jan H must have been either genuinely loopy or completely stoned. Luckily nobody got hurt, so we can laugh about it.30-10 Image

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