If you’ve been keeping up with the news items in the last few weeks, you will know that when Trine went on sale, it became the top selling item on the Euro PlayStation Network (the one we connect to) for that month. When you actually sit down to play the game, you’ll find that there’s a good reason for this.

The Trine, an ancient artefact of incredible value which has the power to bind people’s souls together, rested in the treasure vaults of an abandoned kingdom overrun by the undead, waiting for someone foolish enough to try to steal it. That fool was The Thief. Always on the lookout for valuables to steal, she had heard of the legendary artefact hidden in the vaults of the abandoned kingdom, and went there to try to find it. The Wizard, a cowardly ladies’ man on the lookout for potions ingredients, also ended up in the vault because he saw a pretty female thief heading down there, and decided to follow her. And lastly, a brave but simple Knight ended up there because he saw a man and a woman heading down there, thought they must be up to no good, and decided to stop them. Now these three pawns of fate are bound together by the power of the Trine and made to save the kingdom from the undead armies that have overrun it. The best bit is that they don’t like each other one little bit.trine01

Trine is a platform puzzle game similar to classics like The Lost Vikings. In this case, players control the three foolish adventurers mentioned above, and can switch between them at will to access their unique abilities as the situation demands. The thief is the most nimble of the lot, and can use her grappling hook to reach areas the other two cannot. She can also use her bow to shoot enemies and other targets. The wizard is the slowest and the least nimble, but he can use his magic to manipulate items from afar and create boxes to solve puzzles. The knight comes in when pure brute force is necessary. He can smash through hordes of enemies with his sword, and use his shield to defend himself from harm in situations where the other two would be hurt. As these characters explore the various stages they can find various items, like experience potions which allow them to level up and learn new abilities, and equipment like rings and amulets, which give them benefits, like more health or magic energy.trine02

The world of Trine has been incredibly realised with appealing, colourful fantasy visuals and a dream-like operatic musical score. Together they create an atmosphere which makes you feel a little like… a kid watching their first Disney movie, or something. It’s hard to describe, but it’s incredibly enchanting.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, you could do a lot worse than Trine. It has plenty of play value, a great atmosphere, and funny characters to boot.


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