Finally, some more information has been released of Guild Wars 2, in this case, a rather nice look at the various playable races from the upcoming no-monthly-fees persistent-open-world MMO. You can read the full race rundown over here, at this link.

Here is the quick rundown just in case you don’t feel like clicking links or stuff. The Sylvari are sexy elf-like plant-people, the Norn are shape-shifting battle-people who like to punch things as a bear, the Charr are horned catbeasts who like a good war, the Asura are small inventive intellectuals who would like to rule over everyone eventually, and Humans are the nobel race who survive everything.

Guild Wars 2 is set for release on PC some time in the year 2011, if we’re lucky, according to ArenaNET. Like Guild Wars, the sequel won’t require monthly fees – you buy the game, and can play online as much as you like. We can assume ArenaNET will make it’s money off expansion packs and selling you more storage space.

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