Some shocking news about Fable III

A report over at g-news reveals some shocking statements by Peter Molyneux at Microsoft’s X10 convention. Among other changes to the upcoming Fable game will be the complete axing of the RPG elements. Yep, you heard that right – no more health bar and, more shockingly, no more experience bar. That’s right, Peter Molyneux thinks that the idea of earning experience in videogames to level up a character’s abilities is a thing of ’90s. If this is the case, it certainly has taken Lionhead a long time to realise that it was a thing of the ’90s, since we’re pretty much finished with the naughties already.

He also expressed concern about how this would be received by the fans. It seems that it’s common knowledge that gamers will bitch and moan about every little change before they even see if it works or not – something that almost makes me ashamed to call myself a gamer. Personally, I’m all for change. If games didn’t change from time to time, we’d still be playing established genres with the old flaws still present – FPS games without a grenade button, 3rd Person shooters without camera-directed aiming, fighting games without a mid-level strike…

Anyway, long story short, the player’s progression in Fable III will handled in some as yet undisclosed way, but it seems that learning new combat moves and magic will not be governed by a character level or ridiculous amounts of accrued orbs – but instead by how the player chooses to play the game. My only hope is that Peter Molyneux doesn’t make a thousand promises about Fable III and then deliver only five hundred of them as in the last two games.16-02 Image