It was bound to happen. Someone found a way to turn Heavy Rain into Hot Coffee (Rain?). Over at Kotaku, the person who discovered how to glitch Quantic Dream’s new ultimate-quicktime-event game into having the female lead be totally nude when not behind the safety and cover of a shower door, tells us how he did it. There’s also a video, if you’re old enough to watch, which you are, otherwise you wouldn’t say you were, right?

Because we’re tasteful about these things, we’ve marked over the offending items with bright red pen, and marked over her eyes so you don’t know who she is, other than a character in a videogame, meticulously modelled to be totally anatomically correct in every way. She even has a little intestine (no she doesn’t, she’s hollow inside, like us, for reporting on this as if it’s really newsworthy).


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