We’re old! 12 years-old, in fact. It’s our birthday issue, but don’t send through those gifts just yet; we’re going to do that for you instead. Everything is better: 16 additional pages of pure awesome, a jump to the A4 format which means bigger screenshots and other additional awesome, a very special cover (you’ll have to see it to really get what I mean). Eight previews, nine reviews and some amazing features, including our hands-on impressions of the StarCraft II beta, Blur and our God of War III review, fill out the gaming section. On the hardware side of things, we peer into the BlackBerry App World, the Athlon X3 425, the Eurocom W870CU Cheetah gaming notebook and, of course, a massive feature on the NVIDIA GF100. There are tons of changes from the tiny to the huge; don’t miss out!

The April issue will be on shelf on the 25th of March.

NAG April 2010

Click here for the contents PDF [218KB]

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