Things are finally starting to settle down with the website move. We’ve had some hiccups, and are still fighting with the forums, but things will eventually be completely sorted out [Update: the forums are now up and running again]. To celebrate our near-success, we are offering you a chance to get in on the hottest RTS experience of the year: the StarCraft II beta. We have seven beta access keys to give away.

Here’s what you need to do: send an email to [Update, the competition is now closed] detailing why you deserve this prize more than anyone else on the whole planet. It could be anything from a simple sentence to a 20-page essay. Points will be awarded for creativity, humour, drama or anything else that stands out from the crowd, so don’t be shy. To get you in on the action as soon as possible, we’re going to run this competition for two weeks only.

Please pay attention to the following:

  • You will need to be able to download the client which weighs in at around 1.8GB. You also need permanent internet access to use the beta, as it’s multiplayer and online-only. If you ask very nicely, we may burn a disc for you with the client, but you’ll have to come to our offices in JHB to fetch it.
  • Entries are open to anyone from anywhere in the world.
  • Entries close on the 14th of April at 24:00 GMT+2.
  • Winners will be selected shortly after the due date and announced on the website. You will receive an email with the details if you’re selected as a winner.

StarCraft II

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