Zombie Driver gets more free DLC

If a 50% discount wasn’t enough to entice you to play Zombie Driver (read our review here), then perhaps this second dose of free DLC will help. Based on suggestions from the players, EXOR Studios has finally included support for an arena game entitled Slaughter Mode. In this mode, players will have to survive against endless waves of incoming zombies in one of five purpose-built arenas. Just for good measure, they’ve thrown in 21 new achievements so you can prove to your friends that nobody drives over the undead like you do. For the social networking addicts out there, Zombie Driver now interfaces directly with Facebook and Twitter, so you can tweet and poke without lifting a finger. Steam versions will automatically update, for manual patches, head over to the Zombie Driver website.

EXOR Studios really has been putting a lot of work into Zombie Driver, proving that this little game is more than just a money-maker to keep them afloat while they work on other titles. Soon after release, the studio addresses a number of technical issues with the game, and have continued to release patches and provide support, as well as new features like the Darkness Mod, as well as a freely downloadable soundtrack for the game.

Check out the trailer for Slaughter Mode below: