Hi guys! I’m Ettienne Venter, but I’m more commonly known on the internet as DAE_JA_VOO.


I’m a case modder – I build and customise PCs and consoles as a hobby. The reason I’m here is that I’ll be working for NAG this year on a project they’ve asked me to do. More on that at a later date. This post is a quick intro as to who I am, what I do, and who I’m affiliated with.

Like I said, my name is Ett, I run a website (that’s in dire need of a revamp) for my modding – daejavoo.com. I’ve been case modding for about 4 years, and over the years, I’ve gained some sponsors, some magazine articles, and some awesome opportunities, like this one. I was taken out of the modding scene for quite some time, until about January this year, and now I’m modding as much as I can. I’m currently working on my own little project called Atari 2600.

How about I show you some of my work, eh? My very first case mod was a mod I did on a Gigabyte Plexi case. I spent a whole lot of time on this mod, but it was so worth it. I’ve also done some Xbox 360 modding:

Those mods were all completed a while ago though, and since then, I’ve learned a whole lot of stuff, and my modding has improved drastically.

I’d like to push some thanks to my sponsors, as these companies believed in me when I only just started, and have helped me significantly over the years.

First and foremost, Dremel!

Big thanks to all the sponsors for hooking me up. Life has been much easier with you guys on the bus!

More to follow, guys. It’s great to be here, and I hope I can become a big part of this community! If you need to get hold of me, drop me an email.

God Bless!


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