A game about console wars, that’s what Super Dimensional Game Neptune (PS3) is about. Literal console wars. From the developer:

In a fictional world called the Geimugyokai (Game industry), there exists two realms: the realm of the gods and the lower realm. In the realm of the gods, 4 beautiful goddesses reside over 4 separate continents. These goddesses possess the ability to transform from normal, cute little girls into anthropomorphications of gaming hardware. However, these 4 goddesses are constantly in fierce dispute over who is the superior console. Moreover, the number of citizens (read: market share) of each respective continent are the sole source of power for these goddesses. Thus, in order to increase the number of citzens on their respective continents, the 4 goddesses engage in a ‘console war’ to determine who is the fairest one of all.

So there you have it. A literal console war, that plays out in a kind of whacked-out bizzare Japanese RPG fashion. The four goddesses represent the SEGA Neptune (32X), Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Each of the four continents has it’s own distinctive look (and makes a few smart jabs and puns at their respective cultures):

The Innovative Purple Land (SEGA Neptune)


Looks like a utopia above, but clearly there's a lower-class slums attached to the bottom.

The Grandoise Land of Green (Microsoft Xbox 360)


Sparsely populated, but green and fertile.

The Heavy Black Land ( Sony PlayStation 3)


Industrial complex with many workers, but it doesn't look like a nice place to live.

The Dreamy Land of White (Nintendo Wii)


A fun-looking place with rainbows, but surrounded by icy mountains.

Each of the four lands has a goddess, each goddess has her own System Specifications and bizzare uniqueness – like the 32X goddess can be modified and upgraded, while the PlayStation 3 goddess can summon “creatures” from the PlayStation 3’s Photo Library, and they’ll appear in the game (creepy if you store porn on your PS3). The four goddesses are:

Planetume (SEGA Neptune)

Rinnebox (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Lastation (Sony Playstation 3)

Ruwii (Nintendo Wii)


It’s pretty unlikely that this will ever be localized to English, or see South African shores, but it’s nice to know someone out there is taking the much-deserved mickey out of the “industry”. Spoiler alert, the final boss is a Nintendo DS “flash cart” (used for piracy). Some big-name Japanese developers also appear in the game anthropomorphically as people (clockwise): N1 (check the Prinny outfit!), Ideaf, Compile Heart (the developer of this game) and Gust.


Official Website is found by clicking on Official Website at the start of this sentence, and screenshots follow below.





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