… because you ain’t a legitimate sport until someone can bet on your tournaments. Okay sure, Koreans have been placing bets on Starcraft matches for a while now, but that’s Korea. Those people are crazy about Starcraft, in the crazy way, not the hula-hoop crazy way.

In the United Kingdom, bookmaker Paddy Power will now be accepting bets on the outcome of Street Fighter IV matches between the nation’s top players.

The question now, is will the UK suddenly become rife with match-throwing as people bet against the odds knowing their side is going to win? This type of match-fixing has already happened in Korea, with giant illegal betting rings betting against odds because they had insider information which players were going to lose on purpose.

Ah, gaming. How can you remain innocent when everyone wants to make you so dirty? Competitive gaming, this is all your fault. We already have people complaining about when they lose in Quake 3, it’s because their mouseball was dirty. Now we’re going to have Street Fighter IV players falling over next to the arcade machine, clutching their shin, pretending to have been hurt. Turn them into glue, I say.

Bonus Round: Cockatiel sings Theme of Chocobo from Final Fantasy. Adorabuhls!

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