Okay, so we’ve been making a fuss about this, but to be honest this is as exciting for NAG as it is for everyone else involved. Fresh from the heart of Dremelland comes this press release, filled with all sorts of interesting facts about Ettienne, Dremel, NAG and stuff. Read on…

Ettienne VenterImage courtesy Ophra for PixelPro Photography

Dremel Tools, the definitive source of specialised power tools aimed at hobbyists and trade craftsman the world over, is delighted to announce the sponsorship of Ettienne Venter – a well-known professional in the computer case-modding industry.

Considered as a specialised art, case modding is relatively new to South Africans, and, to the wider population, case modding is a sub culture that not many are aware of. “In a nutshell, I customise computers and consoles,” explains Venter. “I take a standard computer, spend some time on it and modify it to look exactly how I want. I do my best to make the machines look as if they were manufactured this way and not like a project that a kid did in his garage.”

As case modding is not a trade taught by institutions, Venter got his first taste for case modding from the international arena. “Believe it or not, a single magazine article got me interested. When I was 17, I was reading a magazine from the UK called CustomPC, in which there was an article about a ‘mod’ project called Orac³ – that mod sparked my passion. Once I saw what could be accomplished, I just wanted to start modding everything I could.”

Though his first experiments at case modding left much to be desired, Venter persevered and in six short years he has earned himself a reputation in the industry as a specialist in case modding. “I started modding with absolutely no training whatsoever. I could barely drill a hole or use a jigsaw. Everything I know today about tools and materials is knowledge I gained from actually working with tools and trying different things. I am glad for this start though – it forced me to figure it all out by myself. However, if I could offer advice to would-be case modders, it would be to learn how certain materials react to certain tools.”

The relationship between Dremel and Venter is a natural fit. “Dremel tools are a case modder’s dream,” enthuses Venter. “Because most of the work I do is fairly small and incredibly precise, Dremel tools are perfect for the job. The precision given to you by Dremel tools is unparalleled.”

Central to Dremel’s product offering is the emphasis on tool versatility. “The problem of many other tools, is that they are very expensive and they only serve one single purpose,” says Venter. “A Dremel tool, on the other hand, can do a million different things.” Take for example the Dremel 300 and 4000 series multitool, Venter’s firm favourites. Capable of practically any detail-orientated project, the 300 and 4000 series are suitable for cutting, grinding, polishing, buffing and sanding on practically any material. All that is required is a simple change in the attachment and an adjustment of the torque settings. “I have two versions of the Dremel multitool and I absolutely love them both. The new SpeedClic system is also fantastic – I enjoy being able to change cutting wheels quickly. I also love the Diamond cutting wheels. It’s actually quite ridiculous how strong those are – I feel like I could demolish a building with just one of those wheels,” says Venter.

Operating from home, Venter is currently working on a large-scale project for computer magazine, NAG. “A big milestone for me was being asked by NAG to mod a machine that the publication will give away at rAge. They’ve basically given me free range to do whatever I like, and they’re funding all of it. This gives me the chance to do something really, really good, and not be limited by a budget.” Look out for Ettienne Venter and Dremel at the NAG stand at the annual rAge Expo, Coca-Cola Dome, Northgate from 1-3 October.

Since the early days, a lot has changed for Venter who is currently being supported by various sponsors, including; NAG Magazine, Dremel Tools, Prophecy.co.za, VIA Technologies, Logic Supply, Performance-PCs.com and MNPCTech.com. In addition, Venter was published in the very magazine that inspired him in the first place to get into case modding. “CustomPC sent me an email after I finished my first mod and asked me if they could interview me and publish my mod in their mag. That article spanned four pages! It has been an amazing trip and I want to thank my girlfriend for all her support as well as the studio she works for, PixelPro Photography, for the amazing photographs that she has taken of my work. Lastly, I really want to push thanks to Jesus; the skills and opportunities I have are because of His love and grace over my life.”

For additional information on Ettienne Venter and his case modding, please visit www.daejavoo.com. Or email info@daejavoo.com.

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