We’ve all heard about Peter Molyneux’s intended new direction for Fable III, an in a recent developer diary on Gametrailers, he gives us his reasons for his intended changes. For starters, he wants to truly create an action adventure game without cumbersome stats, inventory lists and all the usual trappings of the RPG genre. Anyone who played Fable II will remember what a nightmare that game was for lists and reams of text and context sensitive buttons suggesting what items we might want to use or what facial expressions we might like. It was… eccentric to say the least. So, bottom line, he’s ditching all of that in favour of something a little more real. Equipping clothes will be done in a wardrobe room, for instance, rather than from a list, and players will select their weapons from an armoury which they can walk into. But rather than reading me harping on about it, just check out the video here.20_05 Image

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