New Top Gun game announced

Paramount Digital Entertainment has recently announced the creation of an arcade flight sim based on the popular movie. It will be distributed on PC, Mac and the PlayStation Network, but is not a multiplayer-only experience, as you might at first think. It will have multiplayer support for up to 16 players, sure, but the focus will on the single player campaign, where players will take control of the Tom Cruise’s character, Maverick, and prove themselves in the flight academy before being sent into combat over the Indian Ocean. The gameplay is said to be in-depth but accessible, so I’m guessing we can expect something not too disimilar to Ace Combat or HAWX. Also attached to the project is the original script writer, Jack Epps Jr, who will ensure that the game has a compelling narrative. Sounds like something to watch for if you’re a fan of the movie.28_05 Image 2

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