A recent collection of scientific articles compiled by Slashdot reveals a surprising theory held by numerous shrinks and eggheads studying the gaming industry. Unlike what we usually expect, this one actually has a positive slant to it, saying that hardcore or avid gamers can sometimes develop the ability to consciously control their dreams. This is run alongside a theory that dreams, particularly nightmares, are subconscious “test scenarios” that enable us to conquer our fears or learn how to deal with threatening situations. According to the study, many of the gamers they recruited are actually able to turn the situation around and become the dominant, threatening presence in the nightmare – as if they were playing a videogame. Riiiiiiight… Anyway, apparently some shrinks think that it could be the first step to uncovering a psychological programme to help those who can’t sleep for fear of having nightmares conquer these fears and get some decent sleep for a change. Just in case you think I’m making all of this up, check out the articles here.01_06 Image

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