One German dude with a modern engine made this fantasy map in CryEngine 2 in 10 weeks, for portfolio purposes. You can follow that link for higher-quality imagines, they’re hyooge! That time includes teaching himself the CryEngine 2 editor and SDK. He made all the assets, except the generic foliage. From the dude himself:

“The fantasy scene i created is just for portfolio purpose and there won’t be a deathmatch map or something like that. This thing is not a mod, although the fps would be adequate for use in a video game.

On my old “Intel Quadcore 6600” (using a “Ati Radeon HD 4870” graphic card) the map runs fine (System -> Win7 64 bit with high graphic specs ingame). The fps are between 13 and 26 frames. They would be even better if i spent more time on optimization, but since this project is just for visual demonstration i focussed more on design than on performance.

All models have been created by me, except some of the original crysis plants & rocks and two small tree model packs, the “European Nature Set” by Michael Betke and the “Pine Tree Pack” by “Mr.Guybrush II” and “Orange_Duck”. I used 3D Studio Max, ZBrush and Photoshop for the models (and some other little tools) and the Sandbox2 editor (respectively the Crysis SDK) for the map itself.”