Review: UFC 2010 Undisputed


The release of UFC 2009 Undisputed was something of an event. I remember gamers walking into stores months in advance of the game’s arrival asking if the store had it in stock yet, and it sold like the clappers when it finally arrived. I don’t know much about the sport in reality, but I must admit, through the game, I think I can see some of the appeal. And in true fighting spirit, the next iteration of the franchise has arrived: the much improved and expanded UFC 2010 Undisputed.

Unless you really sank your teeth into UFC 2009, you might not notice the improvements right away, but rest assured, there are plenty of them to be had. The fan base for the game was very vocal about what they wanted changed or improved, and Yuke’s obliged in bucket loads. The first major improvements were in the game’s Create a Fighter mode. UFCMore than anything, players wanted to be able to choose Southpaw stance so that they could create a left-handed fighter, and that is now an option. There is also a large list of names and nicknames that the majority of players can assign to their character. The character creation menus are streamlined and much easier to use, and a bunch of new options like long hair and non-regulation clothes can also be selected. Weight classes now also impose a limit on a character’s stats. For example, a heavyweight contender is only going to be able to get so fast, and a lightweight will only be able to punch so hard. Also, rather than choosing entire sets of moves, players can now individual moves from any fighting style they want to create the mixed martial artist of their dreams.

All the mandatory modes are still in there, including the career mode which allows players to start out at the bottom and work their way up to the top as a UFC Champion. Once players have reached the top, they can enter Title Defence mode to see how long they can maintain their crown. The historical battles mode is also still there, allowing players to take control of real world fighters and re-create classic fights. This time, however, players will also be able to alter history by meeting certain criteria in the bout. There is also a Fight Camp mode where players can take their character to learn new moves from other fighters and improve their stats.


UFC 2010 Undisputed is a huge graphical improvement on the first game, and sports some of the most realistic character models I’ve ever seen. The game runs at a solid 60 frames per second, which is perfect for a fighter, and the range of new animations makes the fights feel a lot more organic and convincing than before.

There’s no way to fully describe every improvement in the game in the space of this review, but rest assured, if you were a fan of the previous game, you’ll probably want to rush out and get this without delay.