We like Fallout here at NAG. Okay, we love Fallout. We’re nuts for it and soak up any juicy bits of information about upcoming titles like a $2 hooker, but what we don’t like is when legal wrangles prevent us from getting our fix. Hmm, perhaps we have more in common with prostitutes that we realise.

Anyway, a new teaser website recently surfaced at www.fallout-on-line.com that gives visitors the chance to sign up for possible access to the embattled and long-awaited Fallout MMO from Interplay. Apparently, the legal issues between the original Fallout publisher and Bethesda have finally drawn to a close. Either that or Interplay is being very naughty. Head over to the website to see it for yourself, and to see what sneaky clues you can pick up from the scene. Beware, it eats bandwidth like a hungover hooker, or something.

Fallout Online

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