A bit of good news for those fans of Square Enix’s recent open-world havoc-wreaking blastathon, Just Cause 2: There will be some free DLC available for the game soon. This game is already tons of fun, sacrificing realism for the sheer joy being able to leap from one moving vehicle to another, use a grappling hook that could tether a charging rhinocerous and a tank together, and deploy infinite parachutes at will. To add to this, all of the pre-order-exclusive content is now free for everyone to download and enjoy, and there will be a new vehicle, the Tuk Tuk Boom Boom, which is exactly what it sounds like:  A three-wheel taxi with a huge cannon stuck on top of it. I firmly believe that a good game can be made even better by some good DLC – especially when it’s free of charge.2406 image 1

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