Six improvements to Monkey Island 2 Special Edition

Some recent news from the developers of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge Special Edition tells of the improvements they will be making to the online, downloadable version of the game. In addition to the remastered art and voice work, these improvements should make fans even happier:  Guybrush can now be moved directly with the analogue stick; a three tier hint system is in place for players who suck in various degrees at puzzle solving; only the relevant actions will be selectable when highlighting objects to interact with; the voice work will be available in the game’s classic mode; developer commentaries from the original team will be available at certain sections of the game; and finally, a whole bunch of never-seen-before concept art from the original game (and a time before the term “concept art” even meant anything in gaming) and some production art of the special edition will be unlockable. Sounds great, doesn’t it?2406 image 4