Found on Slashdot:

“Turns out 3D television can be inherently dangerous to developing children, and perhaps to adults as well. There’s a malaise in children that can prevent full stereopsis (depth perception) from developing, called strabismus or lazy-eye. It is an abnormal alignment of the eyes in which the eyes do not focus on the same object — kind of like when you watch a 3D movie. As a result, depth perception is compromised. Acting on a hunch, the guys over at Audioholics contacted Mark Pesce, who worked with Sega on its VR Headset over 15 years ago — you know, the headset that never made it to market. As it turns out, back then Sega uncovered serious health risks involved with children consuming 3D and quickly buried the reports, and the project. Unfortunately, the same dangers exist in today’s 3D, and the electronics, movie, and gaming industries seem to be ignoring the issue. If fully realized, 3D just might affect the vision of millions of children and, according to the latest research, many adults, across the country.” – Slashdot Article

Well, ain’t that just a hoot if it turns out to be a serious issue. Both of Sony and Nintendo’s plans for the “future of 3D”, not to mention all those 3D kids movies in cinemas, may be doing serious damage to children’s eyesight. Considering how parents already use TV as a surrogate babysitter, what happens with 3D TV is the standard in the household?

As always with these types of things, nobody will really care until it’s too late, and then it’s the blame-and-sue game.

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