I make no secret of my disdain for Internet culture in general: the ridiculous memes that people embrace, the horrific online lingo, the flame wars, the lawsuits between wimps who can’t fight their own battles (you had to have been around the SA anime scene about 10 years ago to understand that one). And every so often, something comes along to reinforce my opinion that I’m not missing anything staying well away from this junk. Here is a case in point. This foul-mouthed, androgynous chick (at least, I think it’s a chick) is making video threats against her former guild members in World of Warcraft, daring them to show up and say things to her face, after which she plans to bash their heads in with a two-ton jack handle. Come on, she runs out of breath just talking – does she really think she’s got the juice to carry out a full on assault. You could probably stay two steps ahead of her for about twenty seconds and she’d run out of steam. Seriously, quitting WoW has got to be the best decision this chick has ever made. Maybe now she can invest some time into losing weight before she develops any health issues to complete her psychological ones. Oh, and check out the martial arts demonstration right at the end – you’d have to be unconscious and seriously high to not be able to simply step out of the way of that kick. Priceless.0507 Image 1

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