King’s Quest fan project back on track

As a fan of the old school Sierra graphic adventure games, I can totally understand those who long for the good old days. Graphic adventure games became something of a rarity during the late ’90s as everyone and their dog lost their minds over the improving 3D capabilities of home games machines and PCs. And now, they’re a phenomenon almost as rare as Haley’s comet. Currently, Vivendi holds the license to Sierra’s well-loved franchises like King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory and others – but they’re just sitting on it, not doing anything with it. Well, various groups of fans thought this simply wasn’t good enough, and set about making their own fan-sequels. Some of them are surprisingly high-quality for amateur productions, and King’s Quest: The Silver Lining has to be one of the most extensive fan productions I’ve ever seen. Problem is that Vivendi got wind of it and shut them down a few years ago. However, Activision recently stepped in and gave them the green light to go ahead with the project in its original non-profit form. So, in a few months, we may well see the release of the first high-quality, full-length, fan-made King’s Quest game. Oh, and if you’re into this kind of thing, then check out Space Quest 0: Replicated, another fan-made game, this time a prequel to the hilarious Space Quest series. This guy actually used Sierra’s AGI engine and everything.0507 Image 2