Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 3DS

Okay, if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s the various contingents of hopeless fanboys/girls who incessantly cry for their favourite subject of their irrational, good-old-days, greatest-game-of-all-time love to be remade on whatever current console they happen to own. Fans of Final Fantasy VII are perhaps the most hopeless example of this kind of gamer, but fans of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time are just as bad. [sigh]. Anyway, apparently these crazed Zelda-freaks are in for some good news, since The Ocarina of Time is due for a re-release on Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS. No word yet as to whether it will be upgraded or simply a direct port, but at least it’s coming. I know, how about making it cell-shaded and taking away Link’s ability to magically transform into an adult? I’m all for that, if only because it gets on the nerves of Zelda-fanboys who seem to think that this chicken-chasing, green-tunic-wearing, nightcap-touting pansy is somehow on par with Dante, Master Chief and Rambo.0607 Image 1

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