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Please excuse my lack of updates, guys. I’ve been waiting patiently for some goodies to arrive from all over the world for this project, furthermore, I’ve been studying like a machine for a paper that I was supposed to write on Friday (it got pushed up to this week Wednesday). Anyway, I’ve got some amazing goodies to show you. First an foremost, I want to show you the little Lilliput 7″ USB monitor that we got from the US for the project.

Inside the box:

The screen:

Essentially, this little guy is an extra monitor for your PC, but what makes it particularly awesome is that it has no NO VGA/DVI connectors, only USB. Using USB alone, this screen connects to your machine as second monitor. This specific one is a non-touch version, but there are touch versions available. I’ll be using this screen in the mod to display system related information, like CPU temperatures, CPU activity, perhaps hardware speeds if the winner of this machine is an overclocker, etc. Really, you can display whatever you like on this device. Here’s a little configuration I threw together quickly just to show you what it can do. This one displays my CPU’s average usage, as well as CPU, GPU, and HDD temperatures:

Now, where will I be using this? You’re thinking that it’ll be on the desk next to the main screen of the machine, like this, right?

You know what? That’s exactly what I’m NOT going to do with it. Here’s just a simple idea of where this little guy is going to go.

That’s right! This monitor is going to sit INSIDE the case! There’s more! I’ve got one last little trick planned that’ll make this screen even more awesome in the case, but that detail will come in another update 😛

We’ve also ordered some incredible cable sleeving from Germany for the machine, which is on its way. I’ll post photos of that sleeving as soon as it arrives, which I’m expecting to be this week. I’ll update you guys on the watercooling setup in that update as well.

Something else I’ve recently received is another new toy from Dremel. They sent me a Dremmel 4000, which I’ve been dying to get my hands on for ages! Some pics:

I wont bore your with the full write-up here, so why not go ahead and read the full post about it here on my website? Many more pics, and a closer look at this Dremel.

As always if you’d like to get hold of me, drop me an email. Alternatively, you can follow me on twitter (@dae_ja_voo). Also, be sure to check out my website ( for any updates/news on any other projects I may be working on.

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