The way forward for DLC – according to GamePro

Recently, one of the writers over at GamePro posited a few of his own reasons as to how online distribution should proceed. Obviously he’s one of the minority of gamers who prefer digital downloads over physical products at the moment. His reasons are compelling, and assuming I preferred to download games myself, I’d probably agree with most of them. As it stands, I prefer to buy physical products, but I don’t mind lashing out for DLC, especially if the game is not going to be re-released with the DLC included. I just started to get the Assassin’s Creed 2 DLC, deciding that it’s been long enough since I completed the game and did everything there was to do (minus collecting the feathers, there’s no map – screw that). Among other reasons, he says that online distribution should not sell for the same price as a physical game in order to appease retailers, that the change from one machine to another (ie. if your machine dies) should not punish the customer, and that online retail should encourage repeat business with special offers and rewards. If you’re interested, check out his in-depth arguments here.