If I can ever find a scientific study proving the healing/therapeutic/academic qualities of videogames to throw in the faces of the anti-videogame crusaders, you can be sure it will be my first pick. In this case, another study conducted by the Texas A&M International University claims that violent videogames can actually have a stress-relieving effect. Once again, I’d have to say that gamers who used to go and work off their frustrations in arcades playing Virtua Cop and House of the Dead have probably known this for years, but it doesn’t hurt to have some academic backing for our suspicions, does it? Anyway, according to their studies, they put their volunteers under extremely stressful, workplace-like conditions, and then let about half of them play violent videogames at the end of each day. Turns out that, almost without fail, the videogamers recorded lower stress levels and very few cases of depression during the study. You know, I’m not disputing the science, but I’ve always wondered how one measures and quantifies stress… Anyway, check out the actual article here.

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