The King of Fighters XIII out now in Japanese arcades

I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and say that there was probably nobody in the country more excited about the news of The King of Fighters XII coming to PAL PS3. I also liked the game despite its shortcomings. To me, the lack of characters bothered me a whole lot less than the fact that ones that were present felt so incomplete. But I tried to take it for what it was. After all, they had to completely animate everything from the ground up again – in 2D – which must surely take a lot of time. They had to get something out there in the meantime to get some revenue, so I resolved to wait for the next one. It looks like those who, like me, expected the next game to be a lot more complete are in for a real treat when KOF XIII hits. The roster has been bumped up to 31 characters now, including a few more females to counter the serious gender-imbalance of KOF XII. We are also promised a lot more moves and new gameplay elements. It’s out now in Japanese arcades, so look for some reviews on import-focused websites if you’re keen.

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