Apparently, Microsoft has recently unveiled some impressive new technology to go along with its Kinect project. A virtual human, Milo,  that responds to the player and grows according to their inputs. So basically it means that each user can have a virtual friend with a different personality. It was developed using some AI technology from Lionhead Studios and some other undisclosed input from Microsoft, and it will respond to movements and emotion. Oh boy, here we go with the emotion thing again. This kind of thing has been a glint in airhead gamers’ eyes since the original PlayStation, Saturn and N64 were still in the concept stages. Personally, I don’t think we’re any closer to seeing a truly impressive virtual conscience than we ever have been. Sure, you can control it without the use of a controller and probably even speak to it a little, but I reckon it will be as limited as any other piece of software of this ilk once the hard limits have been discovered. Check it out here.

You've been a bad boy, Milo. I'm afraid that's another black mark for you.