In a recent interview with Kotaku, new Activision publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg, mentioned that his first order of business is to change the “evil empire” stigma the company has been branded with over the last few years. This probably came about as a result of their squeezing successful franchises for every last drop of blood and a few dropped comments by key players mentioning that the company wasn’t interested in taking risks and only wanted to focus on publishing guaranteed, yearly money-makers. Of course, this got up the nose of gamers in general, who are perhaps some of the most vocal critics in the world and perhaps the most easily-offended and likely to take up an indignant stance. That damage is going to be hard to repair, but this new guy seems to have the right idea. He seems to think that Activision has delivered a good many products they deserve to be loved for – and I agree. He also says that, in this day and age, the brand doesn’t belong to the company, it belongs to the gamers. Good on him, I say. Now let’s sit back and see how Mr Hirshberg handles it.

Of course Activision has brought us some great games - they just need to remember how easily hurt gamers' little feeling are.

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