This Christmas, there will be two ways to purchase Kinect in South Africa: The standalone unit for R1999.99, or the bundle package for R3699,99. Let’s take a look at what you get for your money:

The bundle, which is arguably more attractive from a price perspective, will include the new “slim” Xbox 360, but not as you might have been led to expect. This particular unit will not include the 250GB hard drive, but will rather have 4GB of flash storage built in to the motherboard. Now, 4GB is more than enough for saved games, and maybe a couple of XBLA titles, but if you want any additional storage, you’ll either have to use a couple of flash drives to expand the storage by up to another 32GB, or fork out for the separate hard drive when it hits retail (although we can’t confirm that this will happen, at this stage). The new Xbox 360 also includes built-in Wi-Fi, and will have a matching black (although mercifully matte) wireless controller. The bundle will obviously include the Kinect unit (which won’t require external power if used in conjunction with the new Xbox 360), as well as Kinect Adventures – a motion-controlled game made up of 20 mini-games like navigating through rapids, dodging your way through mountain obstacle courses and “other exotic locations.”

The standalone Kinect will include Kinect Adventures, and there will be 15 games available to purchase for the unit when it hits store shelves.

Alternatively, you can buy the standalone new Xbox 360 for R2399.99. This is the 4GB version; no word yet on pricing for the 250GB variant. Microsoft will begin shipping the units to EMEA territories (that’s us) from the 20th of August .

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