New Guinness World Record for longest multiplayer session

In an event organised and coordinated by Vogel’s, the creators of the PS3 Twistdock charger, a team of six Dutch enthusiasts logged a 50 hour multiplayer session of Red Dead Redemption. I’m pretty sure they had small breaks for eating and other necessary acts, but apart from that it was beginning to end – 50 hours straight. The event started on Friday at 12:55pm and ended on Sunday afternoon. That’s crazy. I consider myself  a hopelessly hardcore kind of gamer, and I have been known to dedicated entire weekends to playing a single game – but not every-waking minute! Anyway, these are the names of our new champions:  Sven de Vries, Renzo Bos, Robbie van Eijkeren, Marcel van Waardenburg, Edward Leest and Maykel Leest. Hats off to these guys for proving their incredible endurance if nothing else. I suspect their might be more than a handful of WoW players in the world who have them beat.