Two more Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters revealed

Two more characters have been added to the lineup in Capcom’s upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3. The first in on the Marvel side, and it’s none other than the Norse god, Thor. Yep, I guess we can expect a lot of hammer bashing and lightning bolts being thrown around in some crazy combos. The second is Capcom’s Amaterasu, the lead character from the action adventure game, Okami. She’s a wolf god that fights with a combination of feral bites and headbutts, and with the disc and swords that float above her back. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Shuma Gorath making a return, and possibly Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil. OK, we’ve already had a Resident Evil girl in Marvel vs Capcom 2, but I like Rebecca a lot more than Jill Valentine.

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