Earthworm Jim HD now available

As usual, I decided to hop onto the PlayStation Network last night to see if anything new or interesting had been made available. After all, I’ve got my uncapped connection now, it would be nice if I could get some use out of it. I was expecting the usual barrage of Minis, trailers, themes and other junk I couldn’t be less interested in, when I noticed a title in the new feature window that nearly made me swallow my tongue:  Earthworm Jim HD. Apparently this has been news for some time, but I somehow managed to miss it – and you can imagine my surprise. I played the Megadrive games to death and loved every minute of it. If you don’t know why you should be interested in Earthworm Jim, then dig up some retro reviews and find out. It was easily one of the most impressive platformers of its time with amazing cartoon graphics to boot. Well, it’s now available on the PlayStation Network, and probably Xbox LIVE also, although I can’t get online with my 360, so I can’t verify this. It’s surprisingly small too, weighing in at a lightweight 250MB. As is the standard practice for these things, you download the trial version first – which is basically the entire game – and then if you like it, you pay for and download a tiny little 6k unlock patch which gives you access to the full game. Apart from the redrawn graphics in glorious HD, the game also features a remastered soundtrack, four-player co-op, and new levels designed exclusively for this version. Do you honestly need any more prompting than that?

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