What does the new PS3 firmware update do?

As much as we all love our PS3s, I’m sure almost all of us feel somewhat annoyed every time we’re prompted to download a new firmware update which doesn’t tell us anything about what it does. It seems that Sony will supply a features list if they feel like it, and if they don’t… who cares, right? The latest update, 3.41, released just a few days ago, was one of these mysterious updates with no accompanying explanation. Well, apparently it was pretty important, and the reason for it might just bring a smile to some of our bandwidth-impaired, PS3-owning countrymen. The new update makes it possible to download only the new features in future firmware updates instead of downloading the entire thing, like before. What this means is smaller downloads that take less time and will probably take a lot of strain of Sony’s servers leading to increased speed overall. Hopefully this will put the PS3 a step closer to matching the Xbox 360’s lightning-fast firmware update downloads. For more info, check out the features listed in the original news post here.