Air guitar in the name of XP! ArenaNet has officially unveiled Guild Wars 2’s version of the Necromancer profession. Summoning minions, inciting fear in the hearts of foes and controlling the flow of battles is the Necro’s specialty.

Fueled by the dark arts, the new Necromancer has an awesome new game mechanic called Life Force, which is essentially a special power that is built up by attacking and killing enemies. Once your Life Force reaches a certain point, your Necro can leave his physical form behind and become a spectral apparition by entering the Death Shroud state (it’ll happen automatically when your HP meter hits the zero mark). When in effect, the Death Shroud uses your accumulated Life Force as a second health bar and grants access to abilities unique to the Death Shroud state. Get a kill while in this ghostly form, or run out of Life Force, and you’ll return to your body – whether it be lifeless or otherwise.

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer

The Necromancer and his minions in action. Now ain't that a face for radio...

There’s more to the Necro than just Life Force, so surf on over here (where you can also check up on the other three professions that have been revealed so far – Warrior, Ranger and Elementalist) to learn more about the rest of the profession’s specialties. What do you think? Necro for the win, or does one of the other professions appeal to you more?

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