Red Dead Redemption movie? Brad Pitt as John Marston? Huh?

Could a big-screen adaptation of Rockstar’s epic Red Dead Redemption be in the works? If the rumour mills over at ShowbizSpy are to be believed, then there is, and Brad Pitt has first refusal for the role of John Marston. ShowbizSpy’s sources apparently had this to say: “This is an exciting project with a great character at the center of it. The idea is to make this in the style of an epic Western movie but with a few modern touches. Brad is perfect for the role and he is being given first refusal.”

Bradolf Pittler
Brad Pitt as John Marston? Guess we could see that working. Needs more beard though.

Making a film that captures the grandeur of Red Dead Redemption wouldn’t be easy. We just hope that if this turns out to somehow be true (don’t count on it though – these are Hollywood sources we’re talking about here), whoever is at the helm doesn’t screw up our memories of what has quickly become one of NAG‘s favourite games in the history of ever. Rockstar Games has dismissed this as rumour and speculation, but we can’t help but think that with the right director, a Read Dead Redemption movie could rock.