Have you gotten tired of your plain old white Wii just sitting there, looking painfully boring and boasting a distinct lack of Disney’s flagship character? Then this ought to put a smile on your face. Game-industry legend Warren Spector’s newest baby, Epic Mickey, is getting a nifty collector’s edition if this Toys ‘R Us product listing is to be believed.

In the box you’ll find a copy of Epic Mickey (obviously), a behind-the-scenes DVD that’ll likely feature all the usual making-of videos (along with some extra stuff), an Epic Mickey-themed faceplate for your Wii remote and two skins for the console itself so you can pretty up your Wii. Also in that special packaging is a five-inch vinyl figure of the game’s beloved protagonist.

Epic Mickey Collectors Edition

Here, have a pretty picture so you can see all the swag for yourself.

 Toys ‘R Us has their pre-order price listed as $69.99 (around R560). No word yet on local pricing or whether it’ll even be available here in SA.

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