NOTICE: We’ve been Left 4 Dead

We apologise for the site being down over the weekend and also for the current intermittent problems. But it’s all cool because obviously we’re not really trying to run a serious business here after all – who needs a website to be working over the weekend right?

We have no idea what the problem is because the hosting company doesn’t know and they haven’t been able to fix it since: Friday 27th August 2010. Additionally, if you’re trying to send us mail please keep trying as this has also been a bit iffy, but (thankfully) is now apparently fixed. We know this is not up to scratch because surely a hosting company would have a contingency plan for this kind of failure – you know, like another server or something that they could switch to while they fix the problem. Use it, don’t use it, whatever – we’re not the experts. We’d hate to think how long we’d be down if something serious happened one day…

To show just how sorry we are for all the problems, have a lolcat to brighten up your day. It's lame, but at least we tried. 😉

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