Ubisoft teasing… something or other.

So I step into the office this morning and waiting for me in my inbox is an e-mail from Ubisoft’s marketing people. My first thought? How nice of them to send me this lovely little e-mail. Perhaps they want to see how I’m doing, find out if everything’s okay, maybe send me some free things for being such an awesome guy. Turns out there’s more to it than that.

The cryptic subject line reads “make it big in Hollywood…” The body of the e-mail simply states the following: “You may not know it but everyone can make it big in Hollywood… with a glimpse of cruelty!”

Attached I find three images, which you’ll see scattered around this news piece. Each is a knock-off of a renowned movie poster from the past. We especially like the one for Chew, a replica of the Jaws poster.

Ubisoft Tease - Chew

We’re not sure what this all means, or what Ubisoft is teasing, but we’re intrigued. We assume it has something to do with the unannounced (officially, at least) XBLA and PSN title Bloody Good Time. Bloody Good Time’s site describes the game using this bit of text: “Bloody Good Time is a game regrouping ambitious teen actors ready to kill for fame! Selected by a weird B-movie director looking for the best shot, they will do anything to get the lead role.”

Ubisoft Tease - Doll Fiction

We’d like to know what this is all about (more specifically, what game this is tied to). Maybe we’ll find out when PAX rolls around?

Ubisoft Tease - Saturday the 14th