Carmine’s fate decided, gamers raise a ton of moneys for charity

The red shirts of the Gears of War universe, the Carmine brothers, have had a tough time with all the sacrifices they’ve made in the name of sci-fi action in the Gears of War universe. Anthony and Benjamin already met an unfortunate, gruesome end in the previous titles. Third brother Clayton Carmine has had his Gears of War 3 fate sealed by the gamers this time. Microsoft Game Studios (the game’s publisher) and Epic Games (developers of GoW) announced a while back that gamers would have the chance to decide the hapless rookie’s fate in the series’ third iteration. It all began on July 29th, when two shirts went on sale on XBL which players could buy for their Xbox Avatars: a “Save Carmine” shirt and another with “Carmine Must Die” scrawled across its front. All proceeds would go to Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play Charity organization. The shirt you chose to buy also went towards deciding what Carmine would get himself into come GoW 3’s release. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, real-life versions of these shirts were on sale for $20 at the NECA booth, offering charitable gamers the opportunity to either send the rookie to meet his brothers in the afterlife, or give him a second shot at being, y’ know, alive and all.

Carmine's Fate - The Shirts
Virtual versions of the shirts.

Now it’s been revealed that gamers have helped to raise an incredible $150 000 for the charity (which is dedicated to improving the lives of sick children by donating toys and games to hospitals worldwide). To every gamer who contributed towards this cause: we salute you. Give yourselves a giant High Five and a pat on the back, because you guys are awesome.

Child's Play Logo

Oh, and as for Carmine, the devs are keeping his fate a secret, so you’ll have to find out how the voting went when the game hits in April next year.

Alas, poor Carmine.