Activision CEO Bobby Kotick thinks you would. It’s one of the craziest ideas we’ve ever heard, but Kotick thinks that if someone were to take the amazing cutscenes in say, StarCraft II, splice them all together to create a coherent “film” and release it to the public at half the price of the actual game, people would buy it. Not only that, but he thinks that it would crush the opening weekend box-office record of any Hollywood film ever made.

Bobby Kotick

"What? Why are you laughing? I'm totally serious guys."

“If we were to take that hour, or hour and a half, and take it out of the game and we were to go to our audiences, who we have their credit card information, a direct relationship, and say to them ‘Would you like to have the StarCraft movie?’,” said Kotick, speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference in California.

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“My guess is unlike film studios that are really stuck with a model that goes through theatrical distribution and takes a significant amount of the profit away, if we were to go to an audience and say ‘We have this great hour and a half of linear video that we’d like to make available to you at a $20 or $30 price point,’ you’d have the biggest opening weekend of any film ever,” Kotick stated with a straight face. “Within the next five years, you are likely to see us do that. It might be in a partnership with somebody or alone, but there will be a time where we’ll capitalize on the relationship we have with our audience; deliver them something that is really extraordinary and let them consume it directly through us instead of theatrical distribution.

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“If we were to deliver a film digitally this way, I’d say an extremely high percentage would then go to the theater and watch it again.”

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MONEY! Needs moar of it!

I’m actually speechless at the very notion of this. I like to think that this couldn’t possibly work, that no gamer would pay for cutscenes that should be experienced by playing through the game’s campaign. To think that enough gamers would pay money for this “service” to enable it to rake in more cash than big-budget Hollywood blockbusters is a terrifying thought.

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"Right, we just need you to input your credit card details here... Perfect. Your soul is now ours. Mwahaha-*coughcough*"

I ask you again: would you pay money to watch a “movie” comprised of a bunch of cutscenes that were pulled from a game and smashed together?

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